Has there ever been a more romantic time to play with clothes? Inspired by the flash of Jimi Hendrix, the cheeky decadence of Janis Joplin and the utter witchiness of Stevie Nicks, we have brought you the best of our very long season... almost 20 years of Gypsy Moon fashion.

But changes are coming... First there's the re-tooled website that will be easier to navigate and free of out of date items. After December, Gypsy Moon will no longer be offering clothing by collection. We will be making items in very small quantities and more one of a kind pieces. Next year we will start selling antiques, jewelry, maybe artwork, vintage clothes and shoes, lampshades... who knows what else? Magic charms and potions, our own line of cosmetics, perhaps, or we might be offering some therapeutic fortune telling. In other words, we will be selling whatever we might feel like creating, but custom clothing requests will have to be limited and not something you will be able to count on.

If there's anything at all you've ever wanted from Gypsy Moon, now is the time to ask for it. During this period of transition, orders will be packed with extra goodies and treasures...some worth more than the order itself. There has never been a better time to buy from Gypsy Moon.

Thanks to Timothy Kennard for photography and to Ashley for modeling.

View the Gypsy Moon Winter 2012 Collection, Season of the Witch.