Serenely simple, our Gypsy Moon Collection for spring and summer of 2010 gives a nod to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. Gothic in the true sense of the word, ornate but gently so as not to fatigue the eye, the way a vine grows over a gate. We've taken on the colors of nature, softened with rain and mist, nothing garish or heated but lovely and natural as morning dew and as cool and sweet as night blooming jasmine. There is a golden glow that is more nostalgic than sad, that finds the beauty in sorrow and turns it into poetry.

Our heroine recalls the ethereal beauty of Poe's tragic loves, perfect in their unattainability, beautifully captured by our wonderful photographer Tim Kennard, now of L.A.

Take Note: Our designs for spring/summer 2010 are being made in very limited quantities and when they're gone they will become a part of history....not even a Time Machine will bring them back...!

Click here to view the Gypsy Moon Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, Wraith