Robin Kaplan has been designing distinctive women's fashions for over 15 years. Inspired by the serene harmony of nature her clothes invoke a vivacious romance with a whisper of whimsy.

Texture and color form the essence of the collection's unique qualities. The majority of the collection is hand dyed in small batches, which heightens tonal variety and intensifies the garment's unique personality. Kindred-dyed batches are shipped to the same boutique so that a boutique's Robin Kaplan collection mingles and melds gracefully allowing a woman to explore and evolve her personal style.

Fabrics are selected for their tactile textures. Linen, silk, or cotton are crafted to invoke a feeling, a passion whether it be the thrill of tranquility, a fiery dignity or a modest affection.

Audacious yet fanciful our garments are designed for the woman with an adventurous intelligence and a fervent femininity.

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