A successful painter for over ten years, Hazel Brown designer Ali Blankely found her move into fashion to be a very organic transition. With no education or background in fashion, or even the ability to really sew, Blankley took her raw designs and began Hazel Brown. Since then, Blankley's clothes, which she describes as "poverty chic for the creative professional", have landed her coveted spots in two prestigious indie fashion shows, Gen Art - Fresh Faces in Fashion 2005 and The New Garde 2007.

Blankley designs and manufactures her vintage-inspired women's line by hand, with the help of a small staff, in her studio in Los Angeles. Hazel Brown is for Blankley as much about the final products as it is about the construction processes. Her fabrics are of the highest quality and are manipulated by special techniques to give them an aged look. The result is lightweight, flowing pieces with simple, comfortable silhouettes.

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