Shipwrecked Skirt

Shipwrecked Skirt

Shipwrecked Skirt — We thought long and hard about this one. We wanted it to be cool and light, but feminine and versatile. It had be be casual, washable and slimming and we didn't want to do it in chiffon. And here it is, we think it's the perfect summer skirt. Bedraggled? Sure! Raw edges? You bet. But also modern and fun to wear! Made of the softest cotton gauze, the pattern is actually very complicated with seams, gathers and ruffles hidden all over the place. You won't notice that, though, when you slip it on over a bathing suit on the most scorching day of the year. The almost waist-high split allows it to be worn over matching gauze bloomers, a petticoat or anything else..but wear it over a bathing suit and be a romantically wind-blown beauty. You can even wear it right into the water and let it dry on your body like the Empress Josephine... If you don't want to show any leg, you can take any of the layers and wrap it over, tuck it into a waistband or belt, as shown on our model. You can even wear it as a dress and tie it in almost infinite ways, it will never look the same twice, but it always look beautiful.

This is part of a past collection and no longer available.

This product is available as a custom order.
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