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Vintage Sari Skirts

Vintage Sari Skirts

Vintage Sari Skirt - Back by popular demand, each of our vintage sari skirts is a one-of-a-kind wonder! Made of antique silk saris, these skirts are meant to wrap lightly over anything from bathing suits to jeans ... or, if you prefer, choose one in a classic three tiered style. The wrap style is available in S/M or M/L and tends to run small. The tiered style is available in S, M or L and runs large. Please state a preference of color and let us show you all available choices...Earth Tones (may include browns, blacks, yellows or creams), Warm Tones (may include reds, oranges, pinks or purples), Cool Tones (may include blues, greens or grays).

This product is part of an older collection and is no longer available.

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