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OK, what was, by far and away, the biggest hit, the most gigantic smash, the most stunning, striking hit of the evening? You guessed it! Your sweater!

Everybody loved it. My niece adored it. Everyone wanted her to keep trying it on so they could see it. Rave reviews. Great job, Ladies. And, I think you.
Warm regards,


Hey Jennifer and Candace,
I received the lace trina top today, and I love that you made it out of the mocha lace. That color drives me crazy! I want to tell everyone that it fits your bod really well and is really sexy when you wear it almost off the shoulders. It is also gives a nice compliment to your beautiful flowing skirts, and looks really hot with skinny jeans. I was wearing my black one constantly. In other words, I am really happy with it.

Love, ann

The Ann Demeulemeester jacket arrived yesterday, so beautifully wrapped, and it is just GORGEOUS!!!! Thank God the shoulders fit perfectly. Since it looks like it was made for someone Size 4 and 5'10" (at least), and I'm 5'0, I will have to shorten the sleeves and hem. To say I am THRILLED is an understatement. The style is just phenomenal. I cannot wait to wear it! Thank you so much, and I hope I can visit the store in person one day soon.

Diane Adams

I love your clothing! that's all.


Hi Candace and Jennifer,

Well I just received the silk sari skirt that you had on the sale rack, and you know what, it was meant for me. It feels like you are walking and dancing in the clouds.

I feel so happy and lucky. And thank you so much for the stockings. You guys make me feel so special! I am sure I will be talking to you again soon. Take care...

Love, ann kent

Lillian writes:

My Dearest Jennifer & Candace and all the marvelous artisans at Gypsy
Where do I start to describe my most wonderful experience with Gypsy Moon? There are hardly words to be found to express my thanks for all your help and to let you know how much I love the gorgeous skirts I received. I was literally in tears when my package arrived. Not only did youfind the most PERFECT purple sari for my 0ne-of-a-Kind Vintage sari skirt, you modified the design to better suit me and added a superb purple petticoat. I cannot wait to wear it and know that I will receive so many accolades for your gorgeous creation.

The Margarita skirt in green panne velvet is so fluid and hangs beautifully. It will be a most versatile addition to my wardrobe and will take me through many seasons. Also, the Red Silk Gypsy skirt is SO soft and fluid, it moves like a dream when you dance. The color is just smashing - not red, not pink - just right! This will also get much love and wear, I can assure you! No matter which skirt I put on, it makes me feel like a beautiful queen. The fit and cut of each skirt is exquisite - they help remind me of the days before the Crone Fairy visited me.

For all that you have done for me, the time, the kind messages, the special extra touches, the unexpected and much appreciated goodies, know that I am so grateful. I intend to show off my Gypsy Moon Tee-Shirt at Flamenco class this week. I promise to send you pictures of all this wonderful finery as soon as I can (and weather in NJ permits). I feel like the Belle of the Bohemian Ball and just cannot wait to show everything off.

Please know, that I will be pestering you again soon for more Glad Rags (they do make me despicably happy). After receiving your bewildering beautiful creations, I am addicted! I hope to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

My best to you and, again, my thanks for all your kindness.

Lillian Reitz - Springfield, NJ

Oh Candace,
Tonight I wore my gypsy skirt to class since it was Foxtrot. When I walked into the studio a class was nearing end. All the dancers stopped and pointed to my skirt and raved about it. Even the teacher stopped to come over to see it!

Thank you. I is the most divine skirt in which to dance. Though there were more women in class tonight than men I did not miss one dance because of my skirt.

It is a blessing to have found your site. I can't wait for the pink skirt.

p.s. I am still thinking about the gown. Seeking pennies high and low!


My first experience with Gypsy Moon was when I sent for the catalog almost 10 yrs ago. I was truly mesmerized by the unique clothing---exactly the sort of stuff I pictured myself in but didn't know where to find ! As an artist, a lover of faerie and fantasy, I find that the creative Gypsy Moon designs are perfect for me. And people always stop and ask me where I get my clothes. Colors and fabrics are wonderful, whether light and airy, or dark and mysterious....velvets that drape and flow over the body; silks and chiffons that play with the slightest breeze when you walk..... they are luxurious, romantic, and a joy to wear. I also love how you can mix many different pieces together for totally unique, individual looks. I think
now of those first skirts I bought...little did I know then how many I would collect ! The designs and fabrics have evolved since those first ones, but the essence remains, and I still cannot resist them!



I just wanted to tell you how much I love your clothing. I received my order and the items were gorgeous! The quality is wonderful and the summer sweater fit perfectly. The flowers you made for the velvet bag were beautiful. I will continue to watch your website for your new collection!


Greetings Candace,

Just a few minutes ago the skirt that I ordered arrived. I couldn't wait to try it on so I opened the package and was in awe of how beautifully wrapped was the skirt. I shall frame the Farery Wear post card (as well visit the site!) and I shall place the Gypsy Moon seal in a special place. The ribbon shall find much use in my wardrobe.

The skirt fits perfectly. I shall not have to make use of your kind offer to alter it if necessary and I now know my Gypsy Moon size. The skirt is breathtaking. I feel so feminine, mysterious, sexy, and alive in it... so fully my own self.

There is a wonderful clothing shop in Charlottesville in which I think your clothing would sell wonderfully. It would be delightful to have you local!

Thank you for such a gift to my life. It has been a year of struggle, loss, and having to rebuild my life and self. Your skirt makes me realize that forty-six is not too old to be a beautiful woman who can dance.

I look forward to being a customer for many moons to come.

p.s. After you alerted me to them I read through the comments sent by customers. The one from the authentic gypsy saddened me for she knows not what she is missing by not wearing your clothing!

With sincere thanks, ~Resa