Customer Album.

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...I think I dress like I paint

Stunning and artistic Sandy!

Lovely Cheri and mighty Zeus

Cheri and Zeus

Thanksgiving 2010

Face of Gypsy Moon

If you keep making me look this good, I'm going to need body guards! :o)

Thanks for all the goodies!


...and beautiful Sidney, too!


Beautiful Lori, dressed for Halloween...


"When I put on any item from my Gypsy Moon collection I am instantly enchanted and I feel just like Cinderella after seeing her fairy godmother. Magic swirls around me giving me the extra fairy dust I need to move between the worlds! Thank you for all the beauty you have brought into my life throughout the years, my Fairy Goddess's at Gypsy Moon, especially you Candace (and your talented seamstresses)! Blessings, Cheri"


Gypsy Moon petticoat peeking...

Sandra De Kock

Kristina, the most beautiful faerie girl in Norway! She is wearing our Angel Blouse, Deadwood Corset, Windrush Skirt, and Isabel Petticoat skirt.


The lovely Jesse, in her Glam Souls tunic dress!